Melissa is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
Melissa will be performing placenta services for families starting in August 2021!
Melissa Sahhar George, Birth Doula and Certified Childbirth Educator

Melissa Sahhar George

Birth Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, and Certified Placenta Specialist

Birth doula, hypno-doula, and childbirth educator, Melissa Sahhar George, brings evidence-based studies and personalized care to her clients and students. Melissa enjoys supporting families with vast cultural backgrounds. She also specializes in serving clients with histories of challenging birth experiences.

Melissa is known as the Research and Data Analyst of the Welcome Baby KC team. With the most up-to-date, peer-reviewed studies, Melissa supplies doula clients and birth education students with the facts they need to make the best choices for their family. Melissa offers private individualized birth preparation classes and group birth education classes at Advent Health Shawnee Mission.

Outside of teaching and doula work, Melissa spends much of her time with her family. Her three awesome kids, husband of over 16 years, 5 cats, 2 dogs, a hamster, and a turtle keep her on her toes! In between caring for the fur, shell, and human family, she makes time to unwind with Grey's Anatomy and Bones.

What are people saying about Melissa?

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With our first birth, I was so happy to have doulas with us to advocate for our birth plan, keep an eye on my spouse and me, and interpret the fast-paced actions of the medical staff for us. I was so happy to have the same doulas with us for our second, which in top of everything else, allowed us to involve our firstborn in an appropriate manner. Small touches like taking photos and showing up in a middle of the night blizzard show the love that the doulas brought to our team.

-- Colin

I hired a doula mainly because I had no other family members to assist me during labor, besides my husband. And I wanted him to have a partner for support while I was going through an unmedicated labor. With our first, it was a difficult labor and it lasted a long time and the nurses pressured me into having an epidural. I didn't want that to happen again the second round and I wanted someone there to help me advocate for myself. Our biggest hesitation when hiring a doula came with the fact that we would have a stranger in the room during a very intimate situation. Also, he wanted someone that would work well with my husband and myself, which is why we interviewed multiple different doulas before settling on the one we did. After having my daughter with the help of a doula and my husband, the best team I could have ever imagined, I raved about the benefits of having one.

-- Brianna

We hired Melissa to be our doula to help with our hopes of an unmedicated birth, but unfortunately due to complications toward the end of my pregnancy I ended up having to schedule a c-section. Melissa's support was invaluable in dealing with the difficulties leading up to and after surgery, and she was with us every step of the way. She was thoughtful and kind and provided me with tons of helpful educational resources to help get me through an already fragile being pregnant and coping with the loss of my birth plan; she even put me in touch with someone who had been through the same situation for me to reach out to for additional support. Even though she didn't have to, she still came to support me on the (VERY early) morning of my surgery and waited til I was released out of recovery to make sure everything went ok. She was always accessible leading up to and after birth and checked in on me regularly, which meant so much knowing that she really cared how I was doing. Even though things didn't work out as planned, I'm so grateful we had Melissa to help through a tough time, and can't wait to hire her again to help with my next birth. Thank you, Melissa!

-- Courtney

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