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Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy by Lauren Letterman

Some time between peeing on a stick and packing your hospital bag, pregnancy discomforts creep in. What can you do for relief?

Newborns Don't Need Much by Amanda Casey

Skip the miles-long baby registry checklist--these are the essentials your baby needs their first 3 months of life.

Busy Bags for Busy Families by Welcome Baby KC

When you bring home a new baby, life is turned upside down for older siblings. Busy bags to the rescue!

What's Missing from Your Birth Plan by Lauren Straight Letterman

There’s something missing, something just as important as freedom of movement, intermittent monitoring, and self-directed pushing.

Us vs. Them by Lauren Straight Letterman

Us vs. Them isn’t working. We don’t have to fight Them.

Minimalist Birth Bag by Abigail Wagner

Do you have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to what to pack in your hospital bag? I did too! Until I attended my first birth.

Early Signs of Labor… and Why You Should Ignore Them by Lauren Straight Letterman

What should you do with those ambiguous early signs of labor? Ignore them.

Considering an Induction by Lauren Straight Letterman

How can you make an informed decision about induction? The obvious answer is to talk to your care provider!

Birth Plan Basics by Lauren Straight Letterman

The best birth preferences are short, sweet, and customized for each family. Here’s how to write yours.

Questions to Ask Your OB by Lauren Straight Letterman

Welcome your baby with the support and experience you’ve prepared for by asking these three simple questions at your next visit

Choosing Your Baby’s Lactation-Friendly Healthcare Provider by Amanda Casey, Postpartum Doula and Lactation Educator

How to find a lactation-friendly doctor or NP to support you and your baby.