Welcome Baby KC: Birth Doula Services


Individualized birth doula care with experienced birth professionals

Your Welcome Baby KC birth doula will be by your side from first pregnancy test to first birthday. Our 30 years of combined experience will help you rest easy as you navigate pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We provide a calming presence, and we facilitate communication between you, your partner, and your medical team. We also reassure your partner, focusing on a positive experience for the whole family.

Welcome Baby KC Birth Doula care includes:

  • Your choice of the best Welcome Baby KC birth doula for your needs
  • Private visit during pregnancy to discuss birth preferences and expectations
  • A second private visit during pregnancy to review postpartum preferences and realities of life with a new baby
  • Unlimited pregnancy phone and text support from 9am-4pm Mon-Fri upon contract signing
  • Extensive resource library and referral list to meet each family's unique needs
Birth Doula Care
Birth Doula Care
  • Phone and text support throughout late pregnancy and early labor
  • Immediate access to your Welcome Baby KC back up birth doula at no additional cost
  • Continuous in-person support from active labor until baby arrives
  • 3 weeks of on-call text/phone/facetime support to answer general postpartum and newborn care questions including infant feeding
  • 1-2 private visits postpartum scheduled at your convenience

Full service birth doula care packages range from $925-$1125

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Lauren Straight Letterman

Trained Birth Doula
Certified Hypno-Doula
Retired Hypnobabies Instructor ('11-'16)
Blooma Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor
Certified for tens unit and Rebozo
Spinning Babies Trained

Specializes in:
Trauma-informed doula care

Known for:
Having a peaceful and reassuring voice and a no-nonsense attitude

$1125 for Lauren's Full Service Birth Doula Care

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Melissa Sahhar George

Trained Birth Doula
Certified Birth Educator
Spinning Babies Trained

Specializes in:
High anxiety personalities
Partner inclusion and support

Known for:
Having a soothing presence

$925 for Melissa's Full Service Birth Doula Care

Contact Melissa

Nicole Elliott Bays

Trained Birth Doula
Certified Birth Educator
Certified Lactation Educator
Spinning Babies Trained

Known for:
Visualization and relaxation techniques for your comfort during labor

$925 for Nicole's Full Service Birth Doula Care

Contact Nicole