Postpartum Doula

Amanda first knew she wanted to serve newly postpartum families several years before she had her own babies. She worked her way through college as a nanny and prided herself on going beyond just child care; her focus was family care.
Amanda’s passion for new families grew tremendously when several months after having her first baby, she found herself gravitating to new mothers to guide, comfort, and journey with them. The more families Amanda served, the more she saw the power of community. Raw, weary, and head-over-heals in love with their baby, parents blossom when a kindred spirit extends a hand. She’s honored when families invite her into the sacred space of their postpartum era, and it’s Amanda’s hope to meet you there as well.

Amanda spends her free time with her husband, daughter, son, and extended family and friends. Relationships are her numero uno! You can find Amanda running her children amok, caring for friends’ children, getting her yoga on, baking all the sweets, and trying to get on top of her exponential pile of laundry.

Amanda has her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, specializing in reading instruction and language acquisition. She is active in her local La Leche League and is working towards completing her Lactation Educator training with CAPPA.

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